Tips for Planning Staffing for Your 2023 Event Schedule

Tips for Planning Staffing for Your 2023 Event Schedule

It’s that time of year again… planning staffing for your 2023 event schedule. As a busy casino manager, you are likely already thinking about staffing up for your upcoming events, however, this can be an overwhelming, time-consuming process. 

So, what can you do differently this year to ensure you save time on scheduling staff for your events and schedule the right staff at the right events and at the right time. Here are some tips on how to streamline employee scheduling for 2023.

1. Map Out Events for 2023

What events are your casinos planning for 2023? Depending on the size and location of your casino, your event schedule is likely comprised of the following…

  • Concerts
  • Sports events (boxing, the PGA tour…)
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Private parties and functions

Based on the types of events that are planned for your casino, take note of which days and times you can expect peak attendance.

2. Look At Historical Data

One of the best tools you can use to help you with planning staffing for your upcoming events is to look at historical data from events from previous years (except during COVID, of course), specifically the following:

  • What events happened last year?
  • How many people attended in total?
  • What were the peak traffic times?
  • Which staff worked during the events? And at what times?
  • How much revenue was generated? And at what times? 
  • What revenue categories generated the most? Which generated the least?

3. Simplify the Schedule Creation Process 

Now that you have a better idea of which of your staff members you want to work at specific events and continue to serve your online casino customers, you can put the employee scheduling process on autopilot. By using employee scheduling software you can…

  • Create staff schedules for events weeks or even months in advance, and in just a few clicks
  • Ensure that all 24 hours of employee shifts are covered daily
  • Ensure there is always an ‘expert’ support person working in the event a situation arises
  • Get rid of spreadsheets
  • Reduce employee shift change requests
  • Stop the headaches, hassles, and last-minute panicking

4. Streamline the Employee Change Request Process

Your employees are people. Things happen, and sometimes at the last minute. Whether it’s a VIP caretaker, a regular customer service rep, or an administrator, changes and shift switches will happen. Therefore, you need an employee scheduling system that can quickly accommodate and adapt to changing realities.

An online employee scheduling system can quickly rework an employee’s schedule and shift the other employees around so your casino service continues uninterrupted. This means you can rework the schedule of specific employees at a moment’s notice, but your employees can submit their own requests for changes, and you can receive, approve, or deny those requests all remotely and via a mobile device.

Employees love this system because it gives them ownership of their schedules. They can see all their shifts, accrued vacation time, and also communicate with casino managers quickly and remotely. Online employee scheduling software keeps your employees happy and your online casino running smoothly. 

5. Automate Everything!

Casino Schedule Ease makes employee scheduling a snap. The best part? Once you have your event schedule routine in place, you can create new schedules with the click of a button. This not only makes employees happy but also gives casino managers time back to focus on keeping the online casino running smoothly.

Want to see how Casino Schedule Ease can completely transform your employee scheduling process? Click here for a super-quick demo to see Casino Schedule Ease in action.