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Bio-Metric Clock Attendance

The BioStation T2 will erase disputes and doubts about when your employees clock in and out. With a touchscreen LED linking directly to our scheduling software: Employees can clock in and out using their fingerprints Camera snaps their photo


Save Time & Money

Automate your schedule with the click of a button. Make a plan for each day’s spread, including the physical layout, using an interac tive and completely customizable drag and drop ‘road map’.


Maximize Revenue

You will now be able to schedule by skill first, and availability second. Put your highest skilled dealers at the high-limit tables and know for certain you have all your shifts covered. We have integrated a skills-based rating system for each table game


Paperless Scheduling

No more posted schedules! Schedule Ease is 100% paperless – including a bio-metric time clock. No more comparing schedules. No more interruptions in your office requesting changes. No more illegible handwritten notes.


Reports & Statics

You can easily see things like Which employees are requesting shift changes How often you don’t have the right skill levels to fill out a shift Which table games have more skilled dealers than others Daily, weekly, and monthly trends for EO and other requests

& lots of other features you can explore