Time-Sucking Logistical Mess Turns into Scheduling Breeze for This Pennsylvania Casino

Time-Sucking Logistical Mess Turns into Scheduling Breeze for This Pennsylvania Casino

The employees were sick of it. The administrators were tired of it. Scheduling at their Pennsylvania casino had become a weekly grind that frustrated everyone. 

Creating employee schedules required manually entering data into an archaic computer system. Then, the schedule was printed out and posted on a bulletin board. 

After posting the schedule, the administrative team waited in dread while the flood of employee shifts and change requests flooded in. With over 200 dealers on their payroll, dozens of staff members would flock to the administrative office requesting changes, shift swaps, EOs, and other requests—week after week.

Then, the administrative team had to return to the drawing board (literally) to rework the schedule, making semi-educated guesses as to whether or not each change was possible and what and who it would affect, and then re-release it.

This process ate up an average of seven hours weekly, which is practically one-fifth of an average work week devoted to creating one week’s schedule.

Printing and posting employee schedules is like heating up your food in a firepit. Much like microwaves make reheating, defrosting, and cooking food a beautiful thing, Casino Schedule Ease’s automated assignment-based online scheduling system has transformed this logistical nightmare at this Pennsylvania casino into a breeze.

The administrative team decided they needed a better way to schedule. They’d heard about online scheduling, but with so many options out there and a steep learning curve for each, how do you choose?

Seeking a Better Way with Online Employee Scheduling

Automated SchedulingIn 2015, this Pennsylvania casino found its solution at the G2E Conference. They knew they needed online scheduling. Casino Schedule Ease understood the unique needs facing their casino. After speaking with the Casino Schedule Ease team, the casino managers believed they had found their much-needed solution.

More Time, Fewer Headaches

After replacing their manual data entry processes, Casino Schedule Ease auto-generates a schedule, and every employee can access it from any device. No more paper schedules. No more bulletin boards. No more headaches.

Additionally, after implementing Casino Schedule Ease, the administrative team at this Pennsylvania casino estimates saving approximately four hours of work every week. That’s over 200 hours per year. 

Employees Are Well-informed

With Casino Schedule Ease, the administrative team at this Pennsylvania casino can now create the schedule three weeks ahead of time. Not only did this reduce a great deal of stress for the administrative team, but it also made dealers and employees happy about having access to their schedules in advance.

Additionally, the administrative team can also send communications, updates, and memos through Casino Schedule Ease to hundreds of employees all at once – and know whether or not they saw the messages and have a record of this.

When COVID hit, and the administrative team needed to send out frequent changes and updates to policies and health procedures based on local and federal mandates, the auto-send memo feature proved to be a lifesaver. The administrative team was able to keep all their team members informed of the constant changes. This worked better than email communications since the automated memo feature is directly linked to employees’ schedules, ensuring visibility. 

Change Requests Are Easier

In addition to having the employee schedule done in advance, processing shift swaps, PTO requests, and other changes is 100% streamlined. Not only are all requests processed through the platform, but employees find out whether or not their requests are approved faster than ever before—and they don’t have to be at work to get the answer! 

Scheduling Events is a Cinch

In the world of operating a casino, schedules change around holidays and other special events. Casino Schedule Ease streamlined this process as well. With just a few clicks, the automated scheduling features make the necessary adjustments. 

At the end of the day, this Pennsylvania casino’s Table Games Administrator was relieved with Casino Schedule Ease. The transition to using Casino Schedule Ease was easy, smooth, and seamless, with few interruptions. 

Ease the Pain with an Automated Scheduling System

Is your casino still wrestling with many of the scheduling nightmares you just read about?

  •   Still gritting your teeth making manual schedules?
  •   Getting interrupted by constant change requests and questions from team members?
  •   Struggling to create a schedule, let alone one that everyone is happy with?

Casino Schedule Ease is designed specifically for casinos.

Want to see Casino Schedule Ease in action to see how it can relieve the pain in your casino? Schedule a demo today