Scheduling Software Helps West Virginia Casino Save $100,000 Per Year

Scheduling Software Helps West Virginia Casino Save $100,000 Per Year

They say time is money. As a West Virginia casino discovered when they ditched Excel for automated scheduling software from Casino Schedule Ease, that’s not just an expression. This particular casino eliminated an entire position that was dedicated to just creating schedules every week, which amounted to a savings of approximately $100,000 per year.

Frustrations and Lost Time

Creating schedules in a spreadsheet program is tedious and time-consuming. From figuring out how to organize all the employees in a chart to building schedules one shift at a time to tracking employment status, it’s incredibly challenging to keep track of the details.

Then, after you finally build and update the spreadsheet, the change requests begin pouring in from employees—from EO requests and PTO requests—and you have to rework the whole thing. 

The Operations Manager used Microsoft Excel to create schedules for hundreds of employees at his casino, which was wearing him down. He also dealt with employee disputes about when they clocked in or out, how many hours they worked, and other issues that depend on having accurate records. 

Choosing the Best Casino Scheduling Software 

The Operations Manager was familiar with Casino Schedule Ease after working at another casino. Needless to say, he jumped at the chance to use it again. The leadership team did their due diligence and researched other platforms. However, getting the team trained by Casino Schedule Ease was simpler and faster than with other software, which made the decision easy.  

The transition process to Casino Schedule Ease was smooth, and administrators and employees quickly adapted to the new system with little hassle and strife.  

Saving Time, Money, Hassle and Headaches 

Here’s how Casino Schedule Ease changed this casino for the better:

  • Employees can check their schedules, make change requests, and submit PTO requests from anywhere using their mobile devices.
  • All the necessary record keeping is clear and up-to-date and clear.
  • With the built-in biometric time clock, there are now fewer disputes about hours worked.
  • The system allows administrators to communicate with their teams using the “memo” feature and even logs every action of administrators and employees, which established a clear level of accountability. 
  • Administrators can assign dealers to specific tables based on skill level, ensuring their top talent is working at the high-dollar tables and at the right times.
  • The schedule is created automatically and weeks in advance.
  • Making schedule adjustments is easy and can be done in a snap.

 All in all, what used to take this West Virginia casino many hours every week now takes a fraction of the time.  

How Much Time Are You Spending Creating Schedules At Your Casino? 

If your casino is still using Microsoft Excel or some other haphazard scheduling process that requires lots of paper, data entry, and creating schedules by hand, you are probably stressed and frazzled week after week. Or if you’re already using scheduling software, but it doesn’t quite meet all your needs, there is a better solution for both. Click here to see Casino Schedule Ease in action, and learn how our scheduling software can save your casino hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.