5 Online Casino Scheduling Hacks to Use Today [UPDATED]

5 Online Casino Scheduling Hacks to Use Today [UPDATED]

As a part of the aftermath of COVID-19, your casino likely still offers online gambling for those virtual gamblers out there. In fact, many casinos today generate large portions of their revenue from online gambling.

But what about your employees? When it comes to scheduling, managing a team of employees to facilitate mostly online gambling is quite a different task than managing scheduling for all the departments needed to operate a real casino.  

Here are some online scheduling hacks you can use today to ensure your online casino is just as successful as your brick-and-mortar casino:

1. Simplify the Schedule Creation Process 

As briefly mentioned above, online gambling is more popular today than ever before. In fact, there are a ton of online casinos people can choose from. So, if they receive poor service or slow response times from your team, then they can easily leave and go find another online gambling site.

With an online casino, most of the customer service is done virtually. This means it can be done from anywhere in the world. So whether you’ve hired people from other countries or have scheduled your regular employees so you can serve online customers 24 hours a day, be sure your online casino is fully staffed to serve customers. 

With online casino scheduling software, you can map out your employee schedule weeks or even months in advance. You can be sure all 24 hours of employee shifts are covered daily, and there is always an ‘expert’ support person working in case a situation becomes too complicated for your front-line service reps. 

2. Staff Employees to Serve VIP Customers

High rollers spend far more than average customers ever will. Imagine one of these high-value gamblers not receiving a response to their question, whether from a live chat window or a phone call. Depending on the situation, they might give up and leave the site. 

In an online casino, you simply can’t afford to miss opportunities to best serve your highest-paying customers due to unavailable staff. It can cost you a customer – for life. 

With the right online casino scheduling software, you will always know which VIP caretaker will be on duty to ensure your high rollers receive the extra attention they expect. 

Scheduling software will ensure that your VIP staffing needs are secured weeks in advance. No last-minute panicking. 

3. Respond to Schedule Change Requests in Minutes

Your employees are people. Things happen, and sometimes at the last minute. Whether it’s a VIP caretaker, a regular customer service rep, or an administrator, changes and shift switches will happen. Therefore, you need an employee scheduling system that can quickly accommodate and adapt to changing realities.

An online employee scheduling system can quickly rework an employee’s schedule and shift the other employees around, so your casino service continues uninterrupted. This means you can rework the schedule of specific employees at a moment’s notice, but your employees can submit their own requests for changes, and you can receive, approve, or deny those requests all remotely and via a mobile device.

Employees love this system because it gives them ownership of their schedules. They can see all their shifts, accrued vacation time, and also communicate with casino managers quickly and remotely. Online employee scheduling software keeps your employees happy and your online casino running smoothly. 

4. Schedule the Best Employees to Serve the Best Customers 

Suppose you have 8 VIP caretakers on your online casino staff. Which of those 8 are your best people? Which ones would you want to serve the wealthiest or most famous clients who might log into your online casino? 

You need a system that does more than just schedule weeks in advance, but that ranks your employees based on their skill levels so you can differentiate the best of the best.

With Assignment-Based Scheduling, you can match up your best with your most valuable customers.  

5. Automate Everything!

The best part? Scheduling employees for your online casino can happen automatically. Casino Schedule Ease is designed so that, once you have your schedule routine in place, you can create new schedules with the click of a button. This gives casino managers time back to focus on keeping the online casino running smoothly.

Managing Your Online Casino Just Got Easier

Casino Schedule Ease is the only online casino employee scheduling software that can do all five things in this article. Why? Because it’s the only software designed specifically for the casino industry – including online casinos. See what some of our customers have said.

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