How to Remove Employee Scheduling Chaos in Your Casino

How to Remove Employee Scheduling Chaos in Your Casino

While managing your casino, you are focused on primarily one thing: generating revenue. Therefore, you have to ensure that you have your best and most experienced and skilled staff scheduled at the right games and in the right departments, and at the right time.

Sounds simple, right? In theory, yes, but logistically, casino employee scheduling can be a nightmare…

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to streamline your employee scheduling process so that you can transform the chaos into currency.

6 Tips for Streamlining Casino Employee Scheduling

1. Go Paperless

If your casino is still trying to track and plan employee schedules by paper or even spreadsheets, throw everything away. The time for going paperless is now. It might seem like a giant lift to convert all paper schedules into an employee scheduling platform; however, we are willing to bet managing paper schedules is a larger headache. 

By converting to a paperless employee scheduling system, you can…

– Reduce the clutter

– Prevent schedule loss

– Prevent scheduling mishaps, mistakes, and errors

– Save time

Schedule Ease is 100% paperless, and it includes a bio-metric time clock. What does this mean? No more comparing schedules. No more interruptions in your office requesting changes. No more illegible handwritten notes. No more arguments about which times staff can and can’t work.

2. Put Each Day on Autopilot

Casino owners and managers know that no two days in a casino can be alike. Depending on the event schedule, day of the week, and even the time of year, casinos are staffed with different personnel and in different departments. Although this typically requires a great deal of coordination, you can put each day on autopilot. 

With Casino Schedule Ease, you can do this in a snap by making a plan for each day by using the “road map” feature. This includes the physical layout of the department floor, allowing you to drag and drop which employees and dealers will work at which games and at which times. 

3. Make it Easy for Employees

One way to ensure your employee scheduling process is as smooth as possible is to encourage employee adoption. And you can do this by making the process simple to follow. For example, by implementing employee scheduling software, you not only conquer the first two points listed above, but you are making employees’ schedules easily accessible and easier for them to find their schedules well in advance. 

4. Produce Reports

Running reports can be a huge time-suck for casino managers. And this is one area and task that frequently gets put on autopilot. Not only does this save time, but it also makes it easier for casino managers to see the following:

– Which employees request changes

– Which table games have more skilled dealers than others

– Daily, weekly, and monthly EO and other request trends

– How often you do NOT have the right skill levels to fill out shifts

By automating reports, you can focus more of your time and attention on ensuring you have the right skill levels to fill out shifts and remove all the guesswork.

5.  Save a Backup

Another huge downside to using paper schedules for employees is the lack of backups. By going paperless and automating your employee schedules, you are also simultaneously creating a backup. 

For example, by using Casino Schedule Ease, you can save your own network resources. Casino Schedule Ease hosts, maintains, and backs up all your records—and also takes care of any bandwidth fees. All you need to do is click on a special web URL unique to your casino, and that’s it.

6. Use Biometric and Facial Recognition Time Clocks

If you are equipped with the right technology, then implement the use of biometric and facial recognition time clocks to help streamline the process of clocking in and out, and to also reduce employee fraud—both of which are huge money-savers. 

If you don’t have this type of technology at the ready, Casino Schedule Ease can help. Casino Schedule Ease uses an LED touchscreen that is linked directly to the scheduling software. Employees can then clock in and out using their fingerprints or their faces. 

Minimizing Schedule Chaos is Maximizing Revenue

Casino Schedule Ease has integrated a skills-based rating system for each table game. So that means you can schedule by skill first, and availability second. Put your highest skilled dealers at the high-limit tables and know that you have all your shifts covered. 

Looking for simplified scheduling? Casino Schedule Ease’s new PERMA schedule feature has taken all the complexity from our automated scheduling solution and reduced it down to one-click scheduling. Set up your team members with a preferred schedule, click “Post Schedule”, and all your team members will be scheduled for you. And, yes, employees can still submit shift switch requests, PTO, EO’s, and other special requests all within the system. 

Log into your CES account or schedule a demo to take the new PERMA schedule feature for a test drive today.