9 Ways Online Employee Scheduling Software Saves Casinos Money [UPDATED]

9 Ways Online Employee Scheduling Software Saves Casinos Money [UPDATED]

Owning, operating, and managing a casino can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. However, like any business, managing a casino also comes with its own unique challenges and nuances.

For example, workforce management is a challenge that many casino managers continue to struggle with. If you’re fed up with the many inefficiencies of your casino’s scheduling process, we feel you. Paper-based scheduling, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and all the other piecemeal, Frankenstein-esque, wrong-tool-for-the-job scheduling processes used by casinos (and other businesses) just don’t quite cut it anymore, especially in our digitally-driven era.

The good news is that online employee scheduling software offers a better way. How? Here are 9 ways the best online employee scheduling software will help your casino reduce time spent on scheduling, reduce errors down to near-zero, increase morale, and boost your bottom line. And when these things happen, everyone is happier.

1.    Employees Have Increased Accessibility to their Schedules

If your casino’s scheduling system requires your employees to call a colleague, check their email, or come into work to see their schedules, you are losing time to scheduling inefficiency and creating all kinds of avoidable problems and delays.

Most online employee scheduling software systems allow employees to check their schedules with their phones. This allows them to see their schedules for days, weeks, or months in advance. Employees LOVE this feature.

2.    Quickly Adjust Mis-scheduled Shifts

Maybe you were expecting big crowds for a basketball or baseball playoff game, but the series ends in four games and you were expecting a crowd for Game Five.

On the other hand, perhaps a large crowd shows up unexpectedly. 

Regardless, if you over or underestimated the crowd you anticipated on any given day or evening, which resulted in overscheduling a particular shift, then casino schedule software allows you to quickly adjust your casino floor employees’ schedules. You can easily make this quick adjustment by sending notifications to the scheduled employees to move their shifts. 

You can also quickly see which part-time resources are available for you to call. 

With online employee scheduling software, you can do this on the fly. It takes just minutes to make big on-the-spot scheduling decisions that directly affect your bottom line.

3.    Employees Can Easily Make Shift Swap Requests

As a casino manager, it’s important for you to have the best and highly-skilled employees at certain tables on your casino floor at specific times. Scheduling software allows you to review and respond factually and confidently to shift swap requests—and without the guesswork. You won’t risk making the employee feel unfairly treated. You will know if the swap will work because you can see the schedule for the entire department weeks in advance, whether it’s table games, food and drink service, security, housekeeping, or any other department.

You can set up your casino scheduling software so you can review and approve employees’ shift swap requests, allowing you to make sure you have the right employees at the right tables and at the right time.

4.    You Can Map Out the Schedule Weeks or Months in Advance

With employee scheduling software, you can schedule as far out as you want. For instance, maybe you have a big event coming up in a few months. You may not schedule every day between now and then, but you can schedule the dates leading up to the day of the event to ensure you are adequately staffed with your best talent on those high-revenue days. If employees know well in advance when they are scheduled, then they will avoid scheduling time off and vacations around these dates, preventing last-minute scheduling mishaps, miscommunications, and shift swap requests near event time.

5.    Employees Can Easily Make EO Requests

Casinos are big and busy places. It can be difficult for an employee to track down his or her manager at the time they need to.

When there’s a slow shift or an employee needs to be out for personal reasons, online employee scheduling software enables them to make “early out” or EO requests quickly and easily.

Similar to shift swap requests, employees can submit EO requests from their phones, right where they are, and casino managers can approve or deny the request, or respond to the employee directly by sending a personal message.

6.   Plan Ahead for Busy Days

There’s nothing worse for a casino than being understaffed. Online employee scheduling software allows you to be prepared for busy days, such as weekends, holidays, special times of the year, or event big events in town or in the community. Your online scheduling software helps you to plan ahead and ensure your table games and other key money-making departments are ready for prime time. 

7.    Staff Can Access Their HR Data

Online scheduling software doesn’t just benefit casino managers, department managers, and employees—HR loves it, too!

Online scheduling can help field common employee questions, such as “How much vacation time do I have?”, “How much overtime do I have?”

Additionally, requests regarding FMLA, benefits, and other human resource information are all accessible through each employee’s scheduling software portal.

8.    Staff Can Select Shift Preferences

With the hundreds or sometimes thousands of employees working at casinos, your staff has diverse scheduling needs. For example, parents have different needs than part-time students.

With online employee scheduling software, employees have the power to set their own schedule preferences and availability right at your fingertips.

No more remembering who can and can’t work on which days and times. By making casino scheduling as easy as possible, you can focus on more important things. 

9.    Automate the Entire Scheduling Process

The eight previous reasons are more than enough to justify scheduling a free demo of our casino scheduling software.

But this last reason is the best one of all…

After reading #8, you likely began thinking about what it would take for you to craft the “perfect” schedule. You know how much work is involved with making the schedule yourself, and keeping up with all the various employee scheduling requests. 

If you could have a platform or system to automatically do it for you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? 

The best online casino scheduling platforms automate the entire scheduling process. The platform takes into account all criteria and variables, such as each employee’s preferences and history, and creates a schedule that in theory will work – for everyone. And it can do this at the touch of a button.

Put Casino Employee Scheduling on Autopilot

If you’re still creating schedules the hard way, again – we feel you. But if you could make a change today, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re interested to see how online employee scheduling software can specifically help your casino, schedule a free demo with Casino Schedule Ease and we’ll show you what it’s all about.