What Customers Say about Our Casino Scheduling Software

Testimonials from Casino Customers

Many of our casino customers have been with us for five, ten, even twenty years. Nothing speaks to the quality of our scheduling software and our service more than that longevity. Some of these customers have given helpful reviews and testimonials – see some of them below.

We appreciate the honor of serving our customers for so long, and making their workplace scheduling processes function more smoothly and efficiently. We love saving you money, freeing up your time, and removing the chaos and stress from your workplace.

“A great customer experience! The flexibility of the Schedule Ease Project Management (Kelly and Paul), and meeting our schedule was great. The quality of training that was given to us was exceptional, within hours we were working on our schedule, with ease. We have worked on the schedule from day one “paperless”, this was the best as it was easy to complete, and did not waste any paper. Each week it took less time to do the schedule with the Schedule Ease program. Both of the programs: Schedule Ease and Online Scheduling have worked great for our Table Game areas, that I believe at our Casino we are looking to expand this program to our Food and Beverage operations. Great product and Great support team from this vendor.”
Dennis Asselta

Mount Airy
Mount Pocono, PA

“When I took over in May of 2010, there were 6 full time employees running the scheduling office, now we have 3. From an employer stand point, we saved paper, time, & personnel, the phones stopped ringing off the hook, and foot traffic has been cut down 90%. From an employee stand point: They can request days off, “give” a day away, switch shifts, check their schedule, get a text when a shift opens up for them to pick up, all from any PC or smart phone!”
Denise Nowak

Table Games Scheduling Supervisor

Want to See It Before You Try It?

“We started using Casino Schedule Ease in the year 2000 at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. It simplified the process of producing daily and weekly schedules for our table games department which consists of over 500 employees. The program is very user friendly. Training only took one week and the staff was up and running with little practice time. New employees in the scheduling office with little or no computer experience are able to pick it up in a short time. It is very easy to pull information from the database to produce custom reports. The online feature allows employees to see their schedules, do switches or submit special requests from home. Twelve years later and we still have not outgrown Casino Schedule Ease.”
Franny Ianello

Resorts Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, NJ

Since adding CSE Online we’ve reduced our window visits dramatically, all of these tasks are now handled online. Also, the office phone has become almost obsolete and we’ve been able to redeploy the efforts of the staff members who used to deal with switch requests. Our employees appreciate that they can now access our office 24/7 through computer or smart phone and log in to our CSE Online website to request switches, view schedule, submit requests, view PTO and be informed of important management messages and events. From the Administrator’s side, I can access our office from the Internet anytime, anywhere and can respond to the employee’s requests much faster and more efficiently. Communication has improved and chaos has been removed.

Atlantic City, NJ