How an Entrepreneur with Perfect Math SATs and Muscular Dystrophy
Solved the Puzzle of Casino Scheduling

Founder’s Story – How Tony Grillo Wrote Industry-Changing Casino Scheduling Software

Casino Schedule Ease was founded by Tony Grillo in 1993.

At first, there’s not much remarkable about that, until you are told that the only parts of his body Tony could move were his right hand and facial muscles. And yet, after taking a huge risk leaving a well-paid engineering job he was good at, he started out on his own as a computer consultant and went on to write a groundbreaking scheduling software program for casinos and their table games.

Tony was taken from us in 2010, 42 years longer than doctors said he would live when he was born in 1962 with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. But until that day, he lived the life of an entrepreneur who refused to be held back by anything, or anyone.

Tony loved numbers from his earliest childhood. And when his parents demanded he receive a standard education, in the face of resistance from the local school board, Tony excelled beyond most of his peers. He did so well that he was accused of cheating at one point. Yeah – the guy who can only move one hand.

Eventually, he won a full academic scholarship to Stockton State College, and scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of his SAT. Read news article of Tony’s story

Why Casinos?

Tony was a superb software programmer, and could have gone into any field. But he was drawn to the unique scheduling challenges faced by casinos – and in particular the table games department.

With hundreds or thousands of employees at a single location, multiple departments, non-stop hours, and a great variety of skillsets and specialties to sort through, creating a schedule for casinos poses a unique set of challenges far beyond most other industries.

At your table games, you need more dealers some days than others. Other days, your needs will spike at certain hours only, sometimes late at night. Then there are busy weeks and light weeks. The types of shifts you need to fill in order to serve your customers and generate profits are forever changing.

Casinos also rely on highly skilled specialists at certain positions. For your high-roller tables, you need highly skilled dealers. And again – you need these people at irregular and inconsistent hours.

And, you have security considerations – you probably trust certain employees more than others. That factors into how you schedule them, when you reveal the schedule, and how much information you want them to know in advance.

On top of all this, you have all the challenges that face any scheduling manager of a large enterprise:

  • Early out requests
  • Family and medical leave
  • Requests to switch shifts
  • Employees not showing up
  • Employees repeatedly asking for the same days off
  • Spreadsheets, handwritten requests, notes scribbled on post-its from phone calls
  • Turnover and hiring issues
  • Overtime expenses

It’s a lot! As you probably know, it’s not unusual to get dozens of EO requests – every day. So you can see why Tony was drawn to this. It’s a specific problem, very complex, but that ultimately boils down to numbers, ease of use, and saving the most possible time for the casino managers.

He believed he could create a software program that provided casino scheduling managers with all the tools they need to solve all these problems in far less time than they were spending before.

Want to see Tony’s software?

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Casino Schedule Ease is the most specialized industry software available.

His brother Kelly Grillo and nephew Kelly Jr have carried on Tony’s legacy by continuing to perfect and develop the Casino Schedule Ease software so it helps casino managers solve all their scheduling challenges – particularly with their all-important table games.

You can go without a waiter for a shift (though that’s not good either). But if you don’t have enough high-value table dealers for even one shift, your casino stands to miss out on big money.

That’s why we are offering a 90-Day free trial of Casino Schedule Ease.

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Use it for 90 days. If it doesn’t meet your needs for whatever reason, you can exit the service and go look for something else.

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